Friday, December 18, 2015

First rider and second rider...too quiet?

Finally got the Uber app to work. It was a little bit of work to get everything ready to drive. I needed to get a chauffeur license, an Uber sticker, and my application stopped working. So, I turned the app on and it took over a hour to get my first passenger. He was a nice 30 something in West Des Moines. My car was clean but I needed to buy a bluetooth auxiliary to stream music, so it was a quiet first couple of rides.

The second rider pick up was near a couple of hotels but not at the hotels. She texted me where to pick her up. Uber apparently Doesnt necessarily have pop ups for this. I saw it right away and we where off. Luckily before her ride I stopped at Best Buy to pickup the Bluetooth Auxiliary. Unfortunately this item was packaged to only be removed with scissors. I dropped off my first rider and stopped at a store to borrow scissors. Just as I finished setting up the Bluetooth connector I received a ping. What luck, I thought to myself. I noticed it was rider number 2, so I pulled back around to where I dropped her off just in time for her to cancel the trip.

Maybe the quiet ride was bad?

Will update you after I park when ride #3 is complete. Still waiting for another ping. I'm in Waukee so maybe it's time to head back towards the city? Still trying to figure out the best way to get riders and how surges work.